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Latest apprenticeships events at top employers

Latest apprenticeships & events at top employers


Promoted jobs:

  1. Resourcing Customer Service Associate - Field Service - link
  2. Field Support Technician - Cambridge, Corby, Bury, Stevenage, London and Chelmsford - link

Other jobs available:

  1. Cyber Security Technician, Sheffield - link
  2. Cyber Security Test Professional, Hemel Hempstead - link
  3. Customer Service Specialist, Barlborough, Bristol and Hatfield - link
  4. Business Customers Service Specialist - Defence, Bristol - link
  5. Electronics Technician, Nationwide - link
  6. Power Technician, Salisbury -  link

IBM - Technology and Business Apprenticeship and Gap Year opportunities.

  1. Digital & Technology Apprenticeship - link
  2. Technology Future Placement Scheme - link
  3. Business Future Placement Scheme - link


Flying Start degree programmes - register your interest

  1. Accounting Flying Start degree programme - link 
  2. Technology Flying Start degree programme -  link

New Back to Schools Events 

  1. Midlands - 6 July - Time: 4.30pm - link
  2. South East - 6 July - Time: 4.30pm - link
  3. North - 7 July - Time: 4.30pm - link
  4. London - 8 July - Time: 4.30pm - link
  5. Wales - 8 July - Time: 4.30pm - link
  6. West region - 9 July - Time: 4.30pm - link

Exploring PwC's Flying Start Programme Event

  1. Scotland & Northern Ireland: 14 July 4:30pm - link

Pearson College London

Pearson Degree Apprenticeships

We're a boutique institution offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Degree Apprenticeships and short courses. As part of Pearson, a FTSE 100 company, we pride ourselves on offering a unique, supportive and close-knit environment.

Our Degree Apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities to work with leading companies, earn a salary and have your tuition fees paid in full! Complete a BA (Hons) Business Management degree at Pearson Business School in Central London and work four days a week at the partnered company.

Some of the employer partners we have recently worked with include corporate giants such as L'OréalMoët Hennessy, Estée Lauder and Pearson.

In order to be considered for the opportunities when they are available, you must first complete a general Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship application, going through the pre-screening stages outlined on the Pearson College London website. 

In the meantime, sign up to our alerts to be notified when our application windows open and receive useful information in between.