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Why choose KTS?


Thinking of joining us at Knights Templar Sixth Form? 

There are loads of good reasons for studying with us, whether you are already a student at Knights Templar school, or you’re thinking of moving from another school to join us. 

KTS offers fantastic academic programmes, superb study facilities and extensive extra-curricular opportunities, all within a small, friendly and supportive Sixth Form environment. 

But don’t take it from us – here’s what some of our former students have to say. 

"The Knights Templar Sixth Form offered a friendly and welcoming environment, which allowed me to develop as a well-rounded individual. My subject teachers and form tutor were very supportive."

"The sheer number of extra-curricular activities available at this school makes it an obvious choice to come here."

"I really feel like I was treated like an adult. I was given free time and expected to be independent in my studies, although teachers were always there to help if I needed them."

"The Sixth Form is a wonderful place to be! Meeting new people was a great aspect of the Sixth Form experience, and my friends were an essential part of helping to motivate me when deadlines were due. KTS has taught me that working hard is vital to achieving your goals and you should always aim high."

"Since my first day attending The Knights Templar sixth form I have always felt welcome."

"The Sixth Form provided a very supportive learning environment. There is always somebody on hand to help when necessary. Teachers dedicate a lot of time, inside and outside of lessons, to ensure that students feel confident in their learning."

"I loved my time at the KTS Sixth Form. All of my classmates and teachers were extremely supportive and I cannot thank them enough for making my time here as positive as it was. Although I was unsure about what I would do in my future when I arrived here, by the end of it, thanks to my brilliant experience and the support of the school, I know where my future lies. The school provided excellent opportunities for extra-curricular activities and my experience in the many bands the school offers was the highlight of my time here. Performing at the Christmas Carol Service is a memory that will stay with me forever."